Upcoming Trips:

Sea Plane Lagoon Tour

You will learn about the local marine wildlife, upcoming Alameda Pt. projects, USS Hornet & other US Navy fleet vessels, and more! Enjoy scenic views, sunshine, & sea breezes while we kayak the area.

Sat. June 24, 9-11am.

Sun., July 23, 9-11am.

Alameda, CA

$40 per person, ages 12+

Crown Beach & Elsie Roemer Marsh Kayak Tour

​We will paddle through Ballena Bay, Crab Cove, and along Crown Beach to Elsie Roemer Marsh, we should see a good variety of marine life, scenic views & more!

Sun., June 25, 9am-Noon

Alameda, CA 

$60 per person, ages 12+

Rockwall & Sea Plane Lagoon Kayak Tour

From Ballena Bay we will paddle out towards Alameda Pt. along the rockwall enjoying the marine life, sea breeze, sunshine, and so much more! 

Sun., July 9, 9am - Noon

Alameda, CA

$60 per person, ages 12+

Sunset & A's Fireworks Kayak Tour

This will be an incredible experience as we paddle along Crown Beach to San Leandro Bay with a setting sun behind us. You will get a little bit of everything on this one-way paddle, should be spectular!

Mon., July 3, 7-10pm,

Alameda, CA

$80 per person, ages 12+

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Best of Alameda 2016

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​​Kayak "Meet Up" events 

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