Private Services

We can provide private services tailored just for you. They can be set up to be fun, informative, or both. We can do birthday parties, team building trips, and education based trips all tailored to your abilities, ages, and interest. Fees range from $55-$95 per person depending on the location, hours of service, and number of people; all gear is included. These can be 1 on 1 or as big as you like. 

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Workshops Offered:

All workshops require a pre-workshop questionnaire so that teaching topics, learning styles, and workshop schedule can be planned to meet your needs.  Fees range from $30-$85 per person.

Introduction to Kayaking, Backpacking, & Camping- these classes teach you everything you need to know to get started.  Topics covered are trip planning/logistics, gear, safety, and basic skills needed for success.

Intermediate Kayaking & Backpacking - these classes will push your comfort limits and test your skills.  You will learn how to handle emergency situations, basic survival skills, and how to deal with severe weather conditions.

Gourmet Cooking for the Outdoors - learn new recipes, hot to use various stove systems, cooking over a fire, using a dehydrator, and more!  Then we will eat what we learn.

Fishing - learn about gear, tackle, technique, ethics, safety, & most importantly where to go!   Emphasis on fresh water fishing & Bay Area locations.

Survival Skills - traveling to a remote location? Learn how to survive if you get stuck.  Topics covered are signaling, fire starting, water procurement/filtering, shelter building, and "do's" & "don'ts".

Map & Compass/Land & GPS Navigation - learn how to read maps, use a compass, triangulation, land association & identification, and using GPS.  Also, learn how Google Maps and Google Earth can help you scout, and plan your trips. 

Stacked Adventures' workshops are designed to teach you how to adapt the wilderness to your comfort level, abilities, and desires.  We place more emphasis on individual values/interest rather than teaching you to be the "hardcore" outdoors person. Workshops can be tailored to meet your needs, cover as many topics as you like, and can be offered at various locations.  

We work with all ages and abilities.


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