Services  & Fees

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Stacked Adventures is a full service operation.  We can provide any type of service needed to ensure you have the outdoor experience of your dreams.  Our goal is ensuring you have the experience you want. We believe the gear makes the experiences possible and the services ensure they happen as you intended; our fees for additional services are extremely reasonable.  Most additional services range in price from $50-$100; depending on the nature of the service.

Stacking packages and services together is where you will get your highest value. For example, gear packages that combine kayaking with camping or backpacking will receive a 70% discount on the second package.  For people who want to use many of our services for one experience we will offer you a discounted bulk rate for your total package; contact us for a custom package designed to your liking.

Additional Services & Rates:

  • Transportation - $70 per person*

  • Guides - $30 per hour

  • Food - varies on cuisine 

  • Delivery of gear - FREE* / Pick up of gear - $35

  • Set-up & take down of gear at your destination- $85*

  • Storage for your personnel belongings - FREE

  • Concierge service for trip planning, food, transportation, and                 general assistance  - FREE!

* add fee for services outside San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, Alameda, & Contra Costa counties.