Our fleet consists of recreation, and touring sea kayaks.  See below for  a listing of the full fleet:

2 - 12' sit-on-top w/ rudder kayaks
3 - 13' sit-on-top w/ rudder kayaks
2 - 15' Perception Expression closed cockpit w/ skeg kayaks
2 - 14' Perception Sea Breeze closed cockpit kayaks
1 - 17' Perception Sea Lion closed cockpit w/ rudder kayak
1 - 16' Perception Avatar w/ skeg closed cockpit kayak
2 - 14.5' Necky Zoar Sport w/ rudder closed cockpit kayaks

1 - 16,5' GoBo Tasu w/ rudder closed cockpit kayak
1 - 16.5 Gobo Freedom II w/ rudder closed cockpit kayak

1 -  16 GoBo Matake w/ rudder closed cockpit kayak
1 - 15' Current Designs Vision w/ rudder closed cockpit kayak
1 - 12' Current Designs  Kestral closed cockpit kayak
2 - 16' Wilderness Systems Palmico w/ rudder open cockpit double kayaks
1 - 14' Wilderness System Palmico w/ rudder open cockpit double kayak
2 - 19.5' Wilderness System Northstar w/ rudder closed cockpit double kayak

Kayak Gear Library

Stacked Adventures now offers full access to our fleet of kayaks!  Access a variety of boats at your leisure! This is great way to try out different boats before you buy one, develop your skills while utilizing the appropriate style boat, enjoy different styles of paddling using the correct type of boat (fishing, touring, recreational, surf, etc.), and most of all convenient!  No more having to haul a boat around, finding a place to store it, keeping the boat secure, and maintaining it....all of for a very low cost!  Cheaper than doing 2 rentals or tours in a month!!!  All around best value for kayaking - easy access, high quality boats, & at a locations with many route opportunities.

Space is very limited (only 20 slots) to ensure that there is always a boat available for Kayak Gear Library members. You must be a member of the Alameda Paddling Club (it's easy to join & only $8.00 per year).  You must be able to paddle safely on your own (self-rescue skills required) and will need your own safety equipment (PFD, Paddle, VHF radio, etc.). Don't worry if you don't have those skills or gear, we have guidelines & resources available to help you get there.

To gain access to the the Kayak Gear Library, Contact Us and let us know when you  would like to start. We will follow up with availability, Kayak Gear Library agreement & guidelines, and set up a time to oriented yourself to the gear site.‚Äč
Kayak Gear Library Seasonal Rates:
A  two season commitment is required. Monthly rates will be prorated base on the date of you gaining access.

    Fall & Spring = $65.00 per month; $195.00
    Summer = $85.00 per month; $255.00
    Winter = $45.00 per month; $135.00
    3 Season Special = $545.00