Frequently Asked Questions

Things to consider:

1. Your skills, fitness level, and comfort levels.  Are you looking to push your limits or stay within your comfort limits?

2.  Your expectations. There are many factors to consider when planning.  Often, the seasons will dictate the types of expereiences that are safe to do.  

3. Your level of flexibility. Don't be flexible with what you want to experience but you may need to be patient with how quickly and easily you can have that experience.

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1.  Do I need a permit/reservation for overnight stays?

Yes.  Most locations always require a permit or reservation.  Our concierge service will help you with this.

2.  Do you provide transportation?
Yes, fees vary on location & number of passengers.  Generally, we pick up at public transit locations such as BART or Ferry locations.

3. How do I pay you?
We accept payments via PayPal, visa/master card, or cash/check.  Payments are due in full 30-days prior to your trip.  A $100 deposit is required. Once your quote is finalized, we will send you an invoice.

4.  How do your fee's work?
We have standard packages for camping (7-day rental package), kayaking (5- day rental package), & backpacking (5-day rental package); see each section for package rates. If additional services are needed, we will give you a quote once you are done "stacking" services.

5. What is your cancelation policy?

Cancellations require a 2 week notice for a full refund.  Cancellations within 2 weeks of delivery date will receive a 50% refund.

6.  What if weather requires us to cancel the trip?

​You will receive a credit for the same trip.

7.  I am coming from out of town, can you store my luggage while we use your services? 

Yes, free of charge during your rental period.

8. I want to use your services but I want to travel outside of the Bay Area, is this ok?

Yes! California has so many places...

9.  I have a special diet, can you accommodate me?

Yes, just let know what you need.  Bay Area is a cuisine mecca!

10.  I need to have my medicine kept cold, can this be done in a wilderness setting without electricity?

Yes, very easily.

11. I have a barrier to these types of activities, but I would still like to participate.  Can you accommodate?

​Yes, if feasible.  We will do everything possible to accommodate.  Please keep in mind some locations may not be suitable / hazardeous to you.

12. I only need some of the gear, can I rent just those items? I want items that are not your gear list, can you get those too?

Depends, contact us.

13.  What happens if the rental gear gets damaged?

Depends on the gear & circumstances.  The wilderness can take its toll on gear as can you when NOT using gear properly.  A deposit fee is collected on each rental and will be deducted from this.  Typically, a refundable deposit fee is collected prior to each rental; 40% of these total rental fee.

14. How often do you clean your gear? 

After each use.  

15.  Can I buy the rental gear after I use it?

Yes!  We will make you a great deal, too.