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Stacked Adventures specializes in making your wilderness adventure   comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable.  Backpacking the Bay Area and beyond allows you to visit areas only a few people get to see.   Experience wilderness and wildlife in its natural environment. Often the great outdoors can provide a healing and bonding experience.


If you have ever wanted to get away from the crowds, be one with nature, and feel like you are in your own private wilderness oasis Backpacking is one of the few ways to make this happen.​  ​Imagine waking up in a dense redwood forest with waterfalls in the background or with the roar of the ocean serenading you to sleep. There are over 20+ wilderness areas that allow backpacking in the Bay Area. Many of the camp sites can be reached within 3 miles of the trail head. Stacked Adventures can make this happen for you and you'll be pleasantly surprised how easy, comfortable, and affordable it can be.  

Similar to our luxurious camping package, our backpacking package is designed with comfort and ease. For couples, this is one of the most affordable ways to have a private romantic overnight adventure.  For those traveling with children, our professional staff will ensure you have all areas covered so that you can have a safe and fun trip! For those wanting to explore on their own, Stacked Adventures not only ensures you will have top quality ultra-light gear; our staff will ensure you have the skills (medical/survival/gear technical skills) needed so that you are properly prepared for your adventure.

Our professional staff will ensure you have everything you need and that your trip planning is in line with your expectations.  Stacked Adventures can set up your camp for you in the wilderness!  Let us "Sherpa" the gear & food, minimizing the impact on your body! 
Our professional guides can assist with:
  • customizing your adventure
  • deliver gear to you or your destination
  • help improve your wilderness skills
  • provide a nature tour
  • guide you to your destination 

Concierge service is available to help with trip planning, 

gear, and other services.

Each Backpack package includes:
  • Backpacking packages are up to 5 days
  • Backpack, tent, sleep bag/pad/liner
  • Water filter, stove with fuel, cooking supplies
  • 2 water bottles, head lamp, First Aid Kit, 2 stuff sacks, compass
  • 1 FREE optional item
  • Delivery of gear and 1 hour tutorial*
  • A guide sheet on local attractions (waterfalls, hiking trails, tide pools, etc.), activities, delicious kayak meals, and safety tips
  • Concierge service available to help with guide, food, transportation, and general assistance service is available
*added fee for deliveries outside of San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, Alameda, & Contra Costa Counties 
Double person package $300 per person 

Single person package $400