Members benefit by gaining access to Club trips while paddling in safety with others, gain access to boat storage & kayaking gear library (additional fees do apply), develop their kayaking skills through Club workshops, logistics support for travel trips (Club truck & trailer), and much more! Club members can also get discounts through Stacked Adventures on gear rentals & purchases, guided tours, and private services. 
Alameda Paddling Club is for kayakers who want to share their kayaking experiences with others, develop their kayaking skills, and expand their kayaking adventures locally & beyond. The club is for people who already know how to paddle and want to benefit from being part of a paddling community that will support its members on & off land for fun, safe, and exciting adventures.  The Club is sponsored and supported by Stacked Adventures.
To join the club, click the blue button above.  It's easy! Join the Club through "Meet-Up," answer a few questions, pay the $8.00 annual dues, and that's it!  You can now start benefitting from Club membership!  All club members must attend a short orientation before their first event.  We hold these before each event for your convenience.  
Rating levels 1-5:
1) - suitable for all levels and abilities, trip will be 1-2 hours in length. Optimal weather/water conditions.

2) - suitable for all levels and abilities, trip will have 2-4 hours on the water, can include night paddling, expect winds less than 10 knots / current less than 3 knots / waves less than 2’.

3) - prior kayaking experience in recommend, trip will be 2-4 hours in length with waves (1-3’) & wind (10+ knots) on the water. Participants should have a high degree of comfort on the water, and know how to self-rescue in rough water conditions. 

4) - prior paddling experience is required + all of #3, trip will be 3-4 hours in length, there will be significant current, wind, & waves with unpredictable weather, possible open ocean / coastal / tidal current paddling conditions.  Participants should be comfortable with "wet exits," edging & bracing your boat, and know proper paddling techniques for adverse conditions. Wet /dry suits, helmets, boats with skeg or rudder, and ability to do an eskimo roll are highly recommended. Trip Leader approval is required.

5) -  prior rough water paddling experience is required, all of the requirements of #4 + combat roll required. These are full day experiences that are exhausting & exhilarating with high degrees of risk. Dry / wet suits, & helmets required equipment. Trip Leader approval is required.Type your paragraph here.

Alameda Paddling Club

The Club offers approximately 5 trips per month which vary throughout the year depending on the season, weather, and trip host(s) availability; club members are encouraged to also join/assist guided tours with Stacked Adventures too.  AS the Club grows we hope to offer more trips as well; members are encouraged to share their knowledge of places to go. Trips vary in theme from local sea kayaking tours, skill development workshops, downwinding + riding currents, and soo much more! Most trips are 2-3 hours in length and range from beginner to intermediate level skills; see below for ratings scale.